We worked with Sarah Kaufman of the Rudin Center for Transportaiton to develop a 48-hour visulaization of the Citi Bike trip fo kick off the release of new Citi Bike data. Rides are displayed as point-to-point journeys (not routed in the street grid – yet) and are rendered in color based on whether the rider was an annual or casual user.
This visualization was produced using journey data from Tuesday, September 17th at 12 midnight and Wednesday, September 18th at midnight. Approximately 75,000 rides were taken in these two days.
The weather was mild, with highs in the 60s and lows in the 50s. No rain at all was recorded.
Some points to watch:
> Port Authority, Grand Central and Penn Station rushes at 6am
> Post-work leisure rides
> Transit delays throughout the day (taken from MTA's feed)
> Heavy annual member use in Brooklyn
> Tourist rides on Central Park and the Brooklyn Bridge
> Stations along the FDR during morning commute
> Long trips from Brooklyn to the Upper East Side
> Casual users surging in mid afternoons
> Riding pairs throughout, but especially noticeable in the afternoons and right after midnight
> Heavy post-midnight travel in Brooklyn
Jeff Ferzoco: linepointpath.com
Sarah Kaufman: Rudin Center for Transportation
Juan Francisco Saldarriaga: Spatial Information Design Lab spatialinformationdesignlab.org/people.php?id=311
And thanks to Ekene Ijoema, David Stolarsky, and Chrys Wu for their support and help.
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