>> We have a vision for the future of high speed rail.

ROLE: Producer, Concept, Future Vision

Given that less than 1/3 of Americans have passports, they haven't seen fast trains themselves, so our America 2050 program wanted to show them how high-speed rail might look in their cities. Working with DIrector Aaron Wolfe and the team from HUSH Studios, we guided the content for an imaginative future vision of the Midwest. The fim was conceived in New York, shot in Detroit and promoted widely across the country, building a case for high speed rail in America. 

This project was transformed by the future vision of user-centered technology, and going deeply into what the main character's day would look like. We crafted the interactions he had down to the minute and thought clearly about the tools he would need and how they would look twenty years later. Policy changes (like denser housing, car-sharing  and modern victory gardens) are all built into the environment, making the whole experience into one that moved the conversation forward in boardrooms, at dinner tables and congressional offices across the United States.

Design firm: HUSH Studios
Director: Aaron Wolfe

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