OUTgoing: The Hidden Geography of New York's Gay Nightlife – is an effort to map documented historic locations of gay nightlife in New York City as far back and comprehensively as possible. This project was created a by Jeff Ferzoco, owner of linepointpath, llc, an information and map design practice and a New Yorker. 

The reasons for doing this project are many, and all focus on the fact that we live in a very interesting time to be GLBT. We are approaching 50 states with legalized gay marriage, HIV is potentially coming under control and dating/hookup apps are changing the bar scene. The GLBT experience is in the midst of a 21st century upshift and it's time to look back and get some perspective and data. 

As it stands, we’ve gathered over 1100 nighttime spots – bars, clubs, bathhouses, coffee houses, cruising areas, late-night diners, etc – from 1890 to 2015. It is nowhere near complete. 

The sources so far are great historic texts (Gay New York, The Gay Metropolis, Times Square Red, Times Square Blue, etc); gay city guides as far back as 1969 (from The (GLBT) Center archive); personal interviews and the internet(s). But we need your help in filling in some of this data or finding new sources. 
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